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100+ Places to Launch/Share your Product

a86b9d50dd5544e2958a4fb129e6a705 to Users: What is your biggest challenge with getting customers?

Users to We don’t know where to launch/share our product without paid marketing.

We heard you out. Here is a blog dedicated to just that.

Demystifying “Launch”

As entrepreneurs, we cherish our product so much that we wait for that perfect “launch-ready” product to share with the world. Before “launch day”, we stress over every word on our landing page, every Call-To-Action button, and every fine detail. In reality, building a business is iterative and so is launching.

Your “first launch” does not need to look the prettiest. The very first users of your product will be early adopters who are comfortable trying your products despite all its bugs. The sooner you launch, the sooner you gather feedback and iterate your way to product-market fit.

If you launch, and it fails, great! “Learn and launch again—no one cared the first time anyways” – Joe Gebbia, co-founder of Airbnb. With launching again and again, you get valuable feedback and test responsiveness to different messaging which refines your subsequent launches.

Friends and Family

Pretty self explanatory. Most effective ways are posting on your social media profiles and direct messaging (text or in-person). You want to avoid emailing family for this one.

Cold Emailing

Effective for any kind of product, but particularly important for B2B products as the target audience is very niche. Cold emailing works, but only if it is done right. Use these exceptional cold emailing tips to get new customers.


Join and post on Reddit communities that are unique to your industry and location, or generally where you can find your target customer. Here are some general startup ones, but make sure to read their rules before posting:


Like Reddit, join and post on Quora spaces that are unique to your industry and location, or generally where you can find your target customer. Here are some general startup ones:

• Startup Founder• Business Ideas• Entrepreneurial Mindset
• Technological Ideas• Less Than 10 Startups• Tech Entrepreneurship
• Everything SaaS• Growth Hackers• Internet of Things (IoT)
• Business for Entrepreneurs• Programer’s World• Mobile Development


Like Reddit and Quora, join and post on Facebook communities that are unique to your industry and location, or generally where you can find your target customer. Here are some general startup ones:

• Y Combinator Startup School• Founders Beta• How You Built That
• Entrepreneurs Only• Purpose Driven Ventures• Startup Founders Club
• Productized Startups• Business Startup Ideas• Small Business & Startups
• Entrepreneur’s Circle• SaaS Products and Marketing• Bay Area Entrepreneurs
• Startup Canada• Business Builders Network

Product Hunt

Product Hunt is so popular for growth that it deserves its own category. You can get brief tips on from us, or you can hear from the source themselves on how to launch on Product Hunt.

Note: You only get to launch a product once, unless there are substantial improvements over the original. So if your product isn’t being “hunted” yet and you’re pre-launch, we recommend launching on Ship by Product Hunt first.

• Ship by Product Hunt

• Product Hunt

Use the When To Launch App to determine your optimal launch time.

Y Combinator Communities

Startup School is a free online community that takes place twice every year, with a winter and summer batch. Hacker News is Y Combinator’s social community and news website where you can share your product under the “Show HN” tab.

• Startup School

• Hacker News

Other Startup Communities

Make sure you investigate a little more before launching on these. Some of them are unique to certain industries and types of products.

• Founders List• Indie Hackers• Dribble
• Makerlog• Beta Page• Launched
• Startup Stash• Startup Lift• Maker Ads
• Next Big What• Sidebar• Startup Pitch
• Alternative To• WebDesigner News• Dev
• SideProjectors• Designer News• Gust
• Growing Page• GreekWire• Behance
• F6S• Startup Inspire• Crazy About Startups
• All Startups Info• Snap Munk• Saasified
• Web Wiki• App Sumo Vator
• App Rater• Listly• The Startup Inc
• Startup Resources• Startup Tracker• Inc42
• Startup Buffer• Capterra• Launching Next
• Feed My App• Beta Testing

Press and Media Releases

Needless to say, these shouldn’t be the first place you launch. Press and media releases are most effective after a big milestone such as closing a significant financing round, signing on a major enterprise client, winning a notable award, etc.

You can also connect with an actual journalist through Help a Reporter Out (HARO), a free platform that connects journalists to industry experts, sending out three requests daily to its members.

• Wired• TechCrunch• The Register
• Forbes• The Guardian• Mashable
• TechRadar• Tech in Asia• Feed My Startup
• ReadWrite• Netted• Redmond Pie
• Superb Crew• Make Use of• Smash.vs
• Techli• Slate• App Vita
• Pando• ModdB• Tech Faster
• Engadget• Gizmodo• The Tech Block
• Startup Dope• Startup Beat

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