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Effective Instagram Marketing


Why is Instagram Marketing Important?

Social media presence and marketing is crucial for the growth of any business. Of the various social media platforms, Instagram has established itself a preferred option with high conversions.

If you’re not active on Instagram, your competitors definitely are. In fact, over 70% of instagram hashtags are branded – this goes to show the extent of instagram marketing that takes place.

This post provides some key tips in ensuring you leverage Instagram to build an effective marketing strategy.

Optimize your Profile

Most people will make a decision on whether or not to scroll through your profile in the first 2 seconds of visiting it, so first impressions matter. Your profile needs to be ready to maintain their attention. You can do this by:

  • Convert to a business account. Doing so highlights additional information such as your industry, location, and webpage address in your bio and gives you access to analytics.
  • Putting your logo as your profile picture. It’s much more recognizable than a random picture of one of your products or a person. Plus, it’s just good branding.
  • A concise and easy-to-understand bio. You want to avoid any jargon and enough to explain what you do or what your product is.
  • A lot of posts. You need to post often to keep your current and new users.engaged. But it’s important to post good and relevant content, not just anything. Again, think of branding. More on this below.

Increase Following

One of the first steps after you optimize your business profile is growing your follower base. Data shows that more than 70% of users say they follow brands on social media because they are interested in the brand’s product or service.

You want to avoid buying followers as that not only significantly lowers your engagement and marketing strategy effectiveness, but also gives you misleading analytics. Here are better ways to grow your following:

  • Include your social media profile badges in every correspondence you send out (customer emails, corporate emails, everything).
  • Offer incentives to follow you, such as discounts and promotions that are only available through your instagram page.
  • Engage with content frequently, either by posting pictures, videos, stories, or going live.
  • Understand who your competition is following. Not suggesting you steal following from your competition, but also not saying you can’t 😉

Creatives and Content

The creatives and content you post are extremely important. You can follow all the strategy tips on this page but if your creatives and content suck, your strategy holds no weight.

Content does not only mean videos and photos, it also entails writing good copy that grabs people’s attention. While there is a plethora of content you can get creative with, you want to ensure it is aligned with your brand and marketing objectives. This is important to determine before creating any content.


Captions are equally as critical to your marketing effectiveness as the images or videos you post. And the good news is, there are a tonne of hashtags already out there for you to use.

You need to determine the objective and target audience of our post and choose your hashtags appropriately. You also want to range your hashtag use by popularity; so if you were to use 3 hashtags, don’t use all 3 very popular ones. You are more likely to achieve better conversion by varying the number of posts/reach a hashtag has.

Another option is to create your own brand-specific hashtag. You can use this to run Instagram competitions and campaigns which can also prove super effective.


Partnerships are important for the growth of any business, and can also be leveraged in social media marketing. One example of this is partnering with other related brands or using social influencers.

Over 90% of marketers say their social influencer strategy was a worthwhile investment. That’s because social influencers’ followers trust them and closely follow their content. I suggest looking for influencers who have between 10k and 50k followers as they tend to have more authentic interactions with their followers and higher engagement rates.

Targeted Ads

You can run targeted ads on Instagram just as you do on Facebook. You can target your ads to a very specific demographic based on age, gender, location, and even interests. If you can afford them, targeted ads can be very effective as they can reach a large audience who would not have otherwise come across your page. Additionally, they are non-invasive, they blend in with the rest of the content users are consuming.

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